Aluminium: The Ultimate Choice for Boats

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Aluminium versatility:

When it comes to crafting vessels that can withstand the harshest of maritime environments while offering top-notch performance, durability, and versatility, there is one material that stands head and shoulders above the rest: aluminium. This versatile metal has been the material of choice for boat builders worldwide, and in the United Kingdom, CDT Marine has emerged as a specialist in sale of aluminium boats. Buster boats and AB Aluminium RIBs are among their premier offerings, both powered by the exceptional range of Yamaha outboards. Let’s delve into why aluminium is the superior choice and why CDT Marine, along with these remarkable brands, are leading the way in the UK’s maritime industry.

Aluminium’s Inherent Advantages:

Aluminium’s properties make it the ideal material for constructing boats. It is incredibly lightweight, which not only improves fuel efficiency but also simplifies handling, launching, and recovery. At the same time, aluminium boasts exceptional strength, making boats more robust and durable. Its corrosion resistance ensures that aluminium boats remain in excellent condition, even when exposed to saltwater for prolonged periods.

CDT Marine & Aluminium Boat Company – Masters of Aluminium:

The Aluminium Boat Company, a trading name of CDT Marine has established itself as a specialist in the sale and maintenance of aluminium boats in the UK. CDT Marine is renowned for its innovation, attention to detail and investment in quality boats.

Buster Boats – A Name to Remember:

When it comes to aluminium boats, Buster is a name that echoes throughout the industry. Buster boats are celebrated for their Scandinavian design, which blends form and function in perfect harmony. These vessels are not only visually striking but also designed with precision to ensure top-tier performance. CDT Marine’s partnership with Buster boats signifies a commitment to excellence and innovation.

AB Aluminium RIBs – Rugged Excellence:

AB Aluminium RIBs, renowned for their Rigid Inflatable Boat designs, are an integral part of CDT Marine’s product range. These boats excel in challenging conditions, offering outstanding stability and handling. AB Aluminium RIBs are the go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike who require a vessel capable of delivering in demanding situations.

The Power of Yamaha Outboards:

Buster boats and AB Aluminium RIBs, both proudly offered by CDT Marine, are powered by the exceptional range of Yamaha outboard engines. Yamaha’s outboard motors are celebrated for their reliability and performance, making them the perfect complement to the rugged durability of aluminium boats. The combination of Yamaha’s powerplants and CDT Marine’s expertise ensures a superior boating experience.

The Versatility of Aluminium:

Aluminium’s adaptability is one of its defining features. It can be easily molded into various shapes and designs, allowing boat builders to create vessels that cater to a wide range of applications. Whether it’s a recreational cruiser, a fishing boat, or a professional workboat, aluminium can be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Environmental Sustainability:

Aluminium is an environmentally friendly choice for boat construction. It is fully recyclable and, unlike some other materials, does not leach harmful substances into the water. In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, choosing aluminium boats sold by specialists like CDT Marine is a responsible decision.

Longevity and Low Maintenance:

Boating enthusiasts and professionals often opt for aluminium boats due to their exceptional longevity and low maintenance requirements. With proper care, these boats can endure for decades, standing the test of time and the elements. This cost-effective longevity is one of the many reasons aluminium boats are favoured.

Weight Advantage:

The lightweight nature of aluminium is a game-changer in the world of boat construction. It means less stress on engines, better fuel efficiency, and improved handling. For those seeking to maximize performance and minimize operational costs, aluminium boats are the clear choice.

Safety and Stability:

Aluminium’s rigidity enhances the safety and stability of boats. The material’s inherent strength allows for the construction of hulls that can handle rough waters with ease. This is especially important for those who venture into unpredictable marine environments.

Customization and Design:

CDT Marine excels in providing tailor-made solutions to customers. With aluminium as the primary material the boats can be customised to fit specific requirements, from layout to the choice of features and mission specific . This flexibility allows for boats that are not just practical but also reflect the owner’s unique preferences.

Economic Benefits:

The durability, low maintenance, and fuel efficiency of aluminium boats translate into economic benefits for owners. The initial investment in a new boat pays off over time over making these boats a wise financial choice for both commercial and recreational users.


In conclusion, aluminium is the material of choice for boat building, and CDT Marine stands at the forefront of this industry in the UK. Partnered with reputable brands like Buster boats and AB Aluminium RIBs, they offer top-notch vessels powered by the exceptional range of Yamaha outboard engines. When you choose an aluminium boat from CDT Marine, you’re not just choosing a vessel; you’re investing in a reliable, durable, and versatile maritime solution that will serve you well for years to come.

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Aluminium: The Ultimate Choice for Boats

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