AutoWake® is an autopilot system for your wakes and waves. It’s our patented and industry-exclusive hull management system that automatically and intuitively manages hull position to deliver a precise wake or wave to any rider, in any water condition without passenger interruption or driver distraction.


AutoWake is industry-exclusive to Supra® boats. It’s an advanced and exclusive technology that you can only experience in a Supra. Other manufacturers have systems that attempt what AutoWake does, but none are fully up for the challenge.


At the heart of AutoWake are multiple software and hardware patents that keep it exclusively available on a Supra. These patents allow us to continually advance what’s possible with AutoWake in the future.

*The AutoWake patented technology is covered by U.S. Patent Nos. 88,798,825; 9,689,395; 9,828,075; 9,873,491; 10,093,398; 10,414,470 and other patents pending. See more at www.skierschoice.com/patents-trademarks/.


No other towboat technology takes the complex task of holding your hull in an exact position, relative to a multitude of variables. AutoWake does this automatically, in real-time, with the push of a button.