Titan Whale Watching and Eco-Tourism RHIBs

We are THE Pioneers and Innovators in RHIBs for Whale Watching & Eco-Tourism

Since providing the first RHIB’s to the industry 25 years ago, Titan’s Whale Watching and Eco-Tourism fleet has evolved from 22 foot rocket-ships to vessels over 40 feet in length. Our modern whale watch vessels provide speed, stability, safety, an exhilarating experience, but also the size and comfort required for an aging travelling demographic.

As a pioneer in the BC Whale Watching community, even the first vessels we built 1/4 century ago are still hard at work today. As with all Titan Boats, our customers in the industry have come to rely on us to provide a mission specific boat that will suit their needs perfectly, and after sales support that is unbeatable- keeping their investments working many years later.