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For maximum fun afloat, there’s nothing like a YAM Sport. Ideal for camping trips, water sports, family holidays, lake cruises or just exploring the coastline.


Why not get out on the water with a YAM STi, where your fun will come with added comfort? This is mainly thanks to the double-wall inflatable floor, which is extra rigid and very comfy on the feet. An STi is also, like every YAM model, supersimple to inflate, carry, use and store. Top performance is assured – with even the smallest Yamaha outboard – and handling is remarkable, with excellent control and stability from the special inflatable keel and V-hull design. Strong D-rings and lifelines are provided, as well as a secure, integral tankholder. The PVC-coated transom is reinforced with a special support section for a Yamaha outboard. All you have to do is enjoy yourself.

Comfortable inflatable floor

At the heart of every STimodel you’ll find our unique and very clever inflatable floor and keel. A complex web of cross-stitching in the air chamber prevents distortion and keeps the surface rigid – promising you the most comfortable, smooth and stable ride of any inflatable you’ve ever tried.

Built to take the pressure

A cleverly designed air baffle system is incorporated into the hull tubes of all YAM inflatables. This not only helps to keep the individual chambers completely sealed for safety, it also helps maintain and equalise air pressure throughout the tube. The STi-series boats come with a pressure gauge to assure a proper inflated hull and floor.

Inflatable V-hull (310STi)

Our largest YAM Sports tender, the 310STi, has a unique V-shaped inflatable hull. While it offers the same amount of comfort as the other STi-series, it adds extra rigidity to the hull and a deeper V – improving the handling and making this top-end model perfectly matching the larger YAM outboards.

Built to last

For maximum strength and good looks, all YAM inflatables are constructed using the latest generation PVC material, with most seams and joints thermo-welded for optimum watertightnessand safetvy. The result is a smart, clean exterior surface that is highly resistant to abrasion, salt water and sunlight.

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