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YAM 275S / 310S / 340S / 380S

For maximum fun afloat, there’s nothing like a YAM Sport. Ideal for camping trips, water sports, family holidays, lake cruises or just exploring the coastline.

Yam S

Because these tough, sporty inflatables are also smart and stylish, they’re a great choice as the tender to a larger boat, whether sailing yacht or power cruiser. From the smallest 275S up to the highly capable 380S, these boats handle easily and are designed for more serious work too. So if you’re looking for a boat that’s easy to manoeuvre and will tackle family adventures with ease –towing donuts and other toys –yet be equally at home as a stable fishing, diving or work boat, then a YAM Sport is made for you.

Perfect partners

Yamaha outboards are renowned for their turnkey reliability and YAM inflatables are designed to be the perfect match, from the unique underwater profile to the optimisedangle and height of the transom. With a huge range of Yamaha outboards to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect combination of engine and inflatable.

PVC-covered reinforced transom

Showing our dedication to quality, we have covered our transom with black PVC. This makes the transom even more resistant to wear and tear and to UV-light, increasing its durability. Of course, the transom is specially designed and tested for a Yamaha outboard engine.

Built to take care of you

In addition to safety features like strong, secure grab-handles, seat patches, D-rings, lifting eyes and other fittings, comfort is also a top priority. The dedicated storage straps for the oars are a perfect example – different from many other inflatables, YAM boats have the oars stored neatly out of the way so you can sit comfortably on top of the hull.

Safe & Secure

The YAM S-Series boats come with a strong strap to secure the fueltank to the aluminiumfloor – Out of the way and providing extra safety for the people on board.

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